Concrete Services

Concrete Maintenance and Installation in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Photo of a concreteConcrete offers the strength you need for a wide range of business applications.

Renco Construction, Inc. provides commercial concrete maintenance, repairs, enhancements, and new construction to businesses across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our team of commercial concrete contractors has extensive experience building and enhancing outdoor surfaces and is widely recognized for achieving safe and beautiful outcomes. With our help, you can obtain and maintain all of the concrete you need from a single, convenient source.

With more than 44 years of commercial concrete maintenance, the Renco team knows how to construct a broad array of concrete surfaces, such as:

  • ADA Ramps - Also known as handicap ramps, these structures allow those who use wheelchairs, crutches, or scooters to access your property with ease. We build these ramps in whatever configuration is most convenient to your company, providing the proper traction to keep all who use them safe, no matter the weather.
  • Parking Lots and Roads - Whether used to construct the entire surface or for certain sections of your property, concrete provides a strong surface to support the weight of cars, trucks, and vans. We can construct concrete parking lots and roads of all sizes, ensuring that each surface has the traction for safe, precise driving.
  • Sidewalks - From providing a safe path into your office to helping visitors navigate a vast outdoor property, sidewalks are necessary for a multitude of business purposes. We construct solid sidewalks with plenty of traction in any size or shape needed.

Renco Construction, Inc. has a strong track record of keeping our surfaces safe, having earned the highest possible rating from The National Council of Compensation Insurance. Dallas and Fort Worth businesses count on our commercial concrete contractors to safeguard their employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers under all conditions!

In addition to building new concrete parking lots, the team at Renco also performs commercial concrete maintenance for Dallas and Fort Worth businesses, restoring them to their original appearance and strength.

Sidewalk concrete constructionWe strive to perform these repairs as quickly as possible, limiting the extent of the damage and preventing minor flaws from becoming substantial safety risks. Our goal is to save Dallas and Fort Worth's businesses money, increase safety and improve their images and reputations.

To ensure quality repairs, Renco Construction, Inc. invests in the best sealcoating products on the market. Using only substances that meet or exceed the concrete manufacturer's highest standards, our commercial concrete contractors can fully seal up any cracks or chips that appear in your concrete. We can also coat new surfaces, limiting water and debris penetration so that damage is unable to arise in the first place.

All of our work is fully guaranteed for a period of 1 year, under normal use and condition. For more information or to request a free quote, contact us today.
Whether you need specialty concrete work, major asphalt resurfacing or just repairs, it’s Renco Construction, they do it all. Renco does a great job, it is always high-quality work, done on time, on budget and trouble-free because Renco handles it all. I have had Renco do work for me for many years. Give Renco Construction a call, you will be glad you did!* starstarstarstarstar Rating | George K.
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